Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The burglar's Breakfast

The Burglar's Breakfast (Usborne Young Reading: Series One) 

Once a burglar named Alfie stole a talking bird from someone's house.When he reached home he wanted to eat some tasty breakfast and he also made sure he never ran out of the things he liked best.Then he thought of eating cornflakes but instead he came face to face with the goat.When he was walking home,Alfie thought of eating some fish but all the fish was gone from the plate.So he had to go to the restraunt over there.Alfie saw a newspaper it said NEED A JOB-the job where  you can spot clues.you can follow trails.At last he got the job.

Moral-Its never late to be good person

ISBN-10: 0794502210
ISBN-13: 978-0794502218

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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Otters and the Jackal

Once a Jackals wife wanted some fresh Rohita fish .So he went to get one for her but couldnot find any on the river.Then he saw two Otters bringing a fresh Rohita fish which they had just caught.After that the one Otter asked the Other Otter who is going to divide it.They both thought and they began fighting but who would divide it.Then the Jackal thought if he could come and divide it.When he came front they asked him to divide it.Jackal cut off the head and tail and gave it to them.Then the Jackal ran away.

Moral:-Don't invite outsiders.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The four friends

Once upon a time four friends were walking in the woods.They came across a lion's skeleton.Three said lets try our powers against itbut the fourth one didn't think so.While they tested their powers,the last one hid somewhere.The first one joined the bones,the second gave it muscles,the third gave the skin and life.The lion came to life and killed them except the fourth one.

Moral:-Don't test your powers without knowing the thing.

The Cunning Cat

Once a bird lived in a hole and he liked it very much as there were many things to eat.One day when it was winter,he could not find anything to eat,so he began to find and find.Then he saw some grains.He decided he would stay there for a week.In that week a hare began to live in the birds home.The week went by.The bird became very  angry with the hare and they had a quarrel.Others animal told they should have a judge.Then they began to look for a judge..They saw a Cat and appointed her as judge.When they came closer,it pounced on them.

Moral:-Decide between yourself

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Tom and Jerry Now Museum,now you don't

Now museum, now you don't 

There was a shiny brass sign that hung above Tom's bed.Every morning he polished it.There was a free mouse museum and Tom was proud of his work.Jerry had just came back from his journey of around the world.He even had two suitcases.He was back home in the museum.Jerry wondered which month exhibit it was.Suddenly Tom appeared and chased Jerry into the museum.He then could not see Jerry anywhere.Then he saw a leaver which said pull Tom..Tom pulled it.Suddenly canon balls started falling on his head.After that long day Jerry was tired so he took a match box,made a bed and slept off.

ISBN-10: 0307444228
ISBN-13: 978-0307444226


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