Saturday, June 29, 2013

Princess Poppy - The Party

Princess Poppy: The Party (Princess Poppy Picture Books) 

Today was Honey's birthday. Euppet show everybody was coming to Cornsilk castle including Pop granny.  Bumble said time for the puppet show after the  games. They ate and ate and went home soon it was time for Poppy to go home . When she reached home, she  told her mother everything  except she had stolen one of Honey's gifts . When Poppy 's mother found out, she asked Poppy to return it. Honey was not cross at all.

ISBN-10: 0552559261
ISBN-13: 978-0552559263

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Masterchef India

I love Indian cooking show.It's name is Masterchef India.That is what I am going to tell you about.There they had to be divided into two teams,one was blue team and the other was red team.There were even bells on both the stalls,one on each stall..They had to make people ring the bell a hundred times.So the blue and red teams went to their Chowpatty shops.The captains were Aditi and Devyani..Aditi was blue teams captain and Devyani was red teams captain.Then the judges came.They said whose food they will like will get plus five points and the other team will get minus five points.The blue team got plus five points and the red team got minus five points.Finally the blue team won.

Pooh welcomes winter

Pooh Welcomes Winter (My Very First Winnie the Pooh)

Once Pooh told his friend Piglet that they should throw a party because a person named winter was going to come.When they were walking in the snow,owl swooped above them and  said winter has already come.Where is he ,they both asked.I don't know replied Owl.Piglet said should we invite everybody and start to plan the party.Yes said Pooh and off they went to plan .When all of them came in the sleigh,they took off in the snow when they saw winter.Piglet thought that winter was frozen so they took winter to Pooh's house.Over there they gave him something to eat.Then Christopher Robin came and told them it was just a snowman.So they went back and put the snowman back in the snow and had fun.

ISBN-10: 0786843551
ISBN-13: 978-0786843558

Pooh says Ahh

Pooh Gets a Checkup (Pictureback) 

Once Pooh told his friend Piglet he had to get an animal checkout.Piglet said can we go together.Pooh said ok.So both of them went to Owl's house where the animal checkout would be done.When they came at the top their friend Tigger and Christopher Robin were waiting on the desk.Suddenly it was Pooh's turn,inside owl took out the hammer and tapped one of the Pooh's knee and it gave a little kick.Owl then tapped Pooh's other knee.It gave a little kick too.Then Owl said time for your injection.After it was done Tigger gave Pooh his balloon.Then they went for lunch.

ISBN-10: 0736411070
ISBN-13: 978-0736411073


Emma's strange pet

Emma's Strange Pet (I Can Read Books: Level 3 (Pb)) 

One day Max was playing with his friend's dog when he thought he wanted a pet too.When he reached home he said he wanted a dog.So his parents decided to go to the pet's shop.Over there Emma said even she wanted a pet.Both of them looked at the animals .Emma said shew will buy a lizard so they bought it and got it home.Days passed and lizard changed its color to brown.One day Max said he wanted a lizard.Emma told her dad that Max wanted a lizard so that day dad got a lizard for Max too.Then they lived happily ever after.

ISBN-10: 0756932394
ISBN-13: 978-0756932398


The tiger and the wood pecker

Once a tiger was eating his food when the bone got stuck in his teeth.He began to roar.A woodpecker saw what was happening.Woodpecker said If I take  out the bone, will you share your food,tiger agreed.The next day woodpecker asked for the food but the tiger said no.When the tiger was sleeping woodpecker pecked his eye and went away.

My Favourite book

My favourite book is Curious George because its written very nicely. I have a lot of them at home. My Massi gave it to me when she cam to meet us. My favourite book is Curious  George goes to the beach and Curious George makes Pancakes.Those two are my favourite books from all the Curious George I have read.

Curious George Makes Pancakes

Curious George Makes Pancakes 

My name is Anika. I read a book named Curious George makes Pancakes. In that a little monkey named Curious George who lived with his friend The man in the  yellow hat. Once he was going with his friend for the pancake breakfast. There were many stalls over there.In some stalls there were games ,in other stalls people were making pancakes. When he saw the people making pancakes,he thought it was interesting to make pancakes. When he found a stall in which pancakes were being made so he looked at the stuff. Then he took some batter poured it on the griddle. After that he took some blueberries and put them on the pancakes. He kept on doing that but then his hands became sticky. He went out and found some water in the tank.  When he found a bench on which people can sit, he washed off the stickiness of his body. All the characters were my favourites.

If you give a Pig a party

If You Give a Pig a Party 

Today was the Pig's birthday so she wanted to decorate the house. After decoration,the pig wanted to wear her dress. After the pig wore her frock she wanted to call her friends but her friends would not be at home. The pig asked her friend to take her to the mall. At the mall her friends would be there. Now she wanted to play the games. Then the pig saw an ice cream shop. Now the pig wanted to eat an ice cream. After the pig finished eating her ice cream she wanted to change her clothes. On her way ,she played hide and seek.Then she had a bath. After she changed her clothes ,they had a pillow fight Then she made a fortress out  of blankets. Now she wants to decorate she asked for some balloons. If you have some balloons,she is going to ask you for a party.

Curious George in the Snow

Curious George in the Snow

George was a little monkey. He always was curious. One day he was going with his friend to the lodge. He and his friends were sitting on the seats. After they got down the went to the lodge. There they got the table and chairs. His friend said," Wait,I will get hot chocolate for them. Then he went.George sat and looked over the bars. Then something caught his eye it was a sledge. George thought it was a rocket. He saw someone was riding the sledge. So he got into someone's sledge.That person saw and asked him to stop riding his sledge. But no one could stop him. Sledge crashed sideways but George did not get hurt. Now George was down . He did not know how should he go back to the lodge. He thought and thought then he looked up the pole there were some bars. Now he could see how he could go back to the lodge. He climbed up the bars. When he was up and waited for the  seat to come close and he jumped on a seat. It looked very nice from th seat. When hee reached the lodge he saw his friends down. He could go down only with another ssledge. Then he saw another sledge. He  took it to the ice pushed it and it started. When he was going he went this way and that . Then he reached a Skiing race.Some people said there is a monkey in the race. Stop someone said. But George couldnt hear but George could see someone was in front of him. He and the skier crashed, the skiers skis broke George landed on a piece of ski he was going fast the crowd was surprised. When he reached down the crowd cheered now that George had found his friend, he friend went to say sorry to the skier okay. I have another race so in the race the skier won. Then George was carried on the skiers shoulder. The End.