Saturday, October 19, 2013

Abigail the breeze fairy

Abigail: The Breeze Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Weather Fairies, No. 2)

Hello everyone! This is another super exiting adventure. If you want to know follow me. Today Rachel and Kirsty were sitting in the sunshine enjoying helping the fairies again. This is the second time we are helping the fairies said Rachel. Yesterday they had met Crystal the snow fairy. And now they had to help the others to. Today was the summer season ans so was it the summer festival. Kirsty's grandmother had gone to the cake competition. Just  then Kirsty's mother asked them to go to the cake competition to cheer up Kirsty's grandmother. So they went. When they reached they saw that everything was flying here and there. When they saw Kirsty's gran they cheered up a bit because she was a happy plump lady. She said she might win this year. But now the wind blew so hard that Kirsty thought that the goblin was hiding under the table she checked under the table and saw a fairy. It was Abigail the breeze fairy! She was sitting on the decoretions.
She flew out and landed on Rachel's shoulder who was standing next to Kirsty. Soon they came out of the summer festival and looked up and saw a hot airballoon. Abigail said that the goblin was hiding inside the hot airballoon. So they flew up,and over there Rachel said she had a plan. She said Kirsty had to go and stand in the basket and Abigail should distract the goblin. While she would turn of the burnur. They agreed to the plan. Rachel turned of the burnur and the balloon began to sink and the goblin didn't even think and threw out the sandbag and even Kirsty had to come out .But still it was sinking so the goblin even threw out the feather. Abigail caught it and ordered the wind to stop. It stopped they went down and met Kirsty's  grandmother she said she had won so they went home.


Age Range: 4 - 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool - 3
Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks (May 1, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0439813867
ISBN-13: 978-0439813860

Goldie the sunshine fairy

Goldie the Sunshine Fairy (Rainbow Magic, The Weather Fairies #4)

Hello everyone, I will take you to another adventure in Fairyland. Follow me. Today Kirsty and Rachel were sitting  outside in the backyard trying to put the tent poles together. Just then Mr.Tate came out and  helped them put it to together. But  the girls laughed because Mr.Tate had put on so enormous sunglasses!  They then thanked him and when he went they heard a popping noise. They went and saw that the corn in the cornfield was turning into popcorn! And a zooming light was coming towards them! It then bursted into golden sparks and they saw Goldie the sunshine fairy. She said that the goblin with the sunshine feather was not far away. Lets check in the farm on the otherside said Kirsty. So they went. They searched and searched but could not find the goblin! So when they almost gave up a duck in the pond said ask the pigs they are very unhappy for some reason. When they reached the saw that the pigs were very unhappy and they asked them the reason why they were unhappy.The pigs told them that someone had taken their mud hole without their permission the pigs said. Just then they heard a song it was like this" Ive been having so much fun. Blasting out in the golden sun. Its a roasting toasting popcorn weather.  Oh how I love my sunshine feather.It was the goblin singing! They thought how would they ever get the sunshine feather.
Then Kirsty said she had an idea she ran back to her house and was back with a fishing pole and her Dad's enourmous sunglasses! Rachel  and Goldie didn't understand why she was bringing back this stuff. Suddenly they heard a snoring sound the goblin had fallen asleep! Then Kirsty asked Goldie if she could turn them into fairies she turned them into fairies and they flew up on a tree with the fishing pole and sunglasses. Over there Kirsty said I have plan. She said if we lower down the sunglasses with the fishing pole on the goblin's nose he might think the sunshine feather is broken then we might be able to get it back. They agreed to the plan. And it worked but then the sunglasses bounced on the goblin's head when he screamed. He started chasing the girls but this time Goldie had a cheeky plan she used the sun rays to make the mud on the goblin dry rapidly so his body became stiff so that he could not run . Then he became a statue so they returned to the barn roof where Doodle was perched Goldie flew up and put the sunshine feather he came alive and sqaked Will come if what then they went home after saying good bye to Goldie.


Age Range: 4 - 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool - 3
Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks (September 1, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0439813891
ISBN-13: 978-0439813891

Saskia the salsa fairy

Saskia the Salsa Fairy

Hello everyone let us go into the fairyland dance fairies adventures! Today was the Wetherburry village   hall parade and Kirsty was going with her friend Rachel.As they reached they saw that there was a crowd of children waiting to try and hit the pinata which was full of sweets just then Kirsty spotted her friend from school, and asked her if she could have a go she was allowed to. Kirsty hit the pinata perfectly and sweets came tumbling down. But then Rachel noticed a trail of sparkles she followed it and saw a pretty fairy it was Saskia the salsa fairy she waved at Rachel who grinned back. Rachel quickly called Kirsty and led her to Saskia she fluttered down on Kirsty's shoulder.  Soon the parade  started! The girls and Saskia started to look at the dance the dancers kept on coming some of them tripped over and forgot. Saskia said if only there was my salsa ribbon this would not happen they then got to know that the salsa ribbon was close by because the dancers and people became better at dancing   then they noticed a moving float on that they were dancers who were dancing so fast and nicely this was sure that the salsa ribbon was on the float.  Rachel asked Saskia to turn them into fairies. They flew up and tried to spot the salsa ribbon but they couldn't find it.  Just then Rachel spotted two shorter dancers dancing very well. They were dressed like birds then Saskia pointed to one of it's tail. In there was a dark orange coloured  feather it was the salsa ribbon so the dancers were goblins! Then the girls flew towards the goblins they tried to snatch it out of the tail but the other goblin noticed them and they got of the float and ran towards a park. They headed towards a wooded area. Over there they decided to climb up a tree thinking that birds live in trees they went up a tree.
Then the three fairies came and do you what the goblins voices where heard they were scolding each other. Tweeting to each one another one said Cheep! Cheep! The other said that the parrots don't tweet they say funny things and squawk. Then Rachel said that she had an idea! She said if Saskia could camouflage Kirsty and herself so that they where the same colour as the leafs? Saskia  said she could so then they flew up caught the salsa ribbon and flew back without the goblins noticing! Then Saskia reattached the ribbon to her wand then the girls said good bye to Saskia and enjoyed the rest of the parade.

Series: Rainbow Magic (Book 55)
Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Orchard Books (2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1846164966
ISBN-13: 978-1846164965

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sukhu and Dukhu

Once there was a weaver he had two wives. Both the wives had one daughter one was Sukhu and the other was Dukhu. Then one day the weaver died as soon after he died Sukhu and her mother drove away Dukhu and her mother. Dukhu and her mother found a deserted hut and deiced to live in it, bye spinning yarn.
One day when Dukhu was about to spin when a gust of wind blew away her cotton she ran after the wind, but the wind blew away her cotton she said please give me back my cotton. The wind said go to my mother the old women she will give you back your cotton. Dukhu started her journey to the wind's mother. She was helpful to everyone on her way at last she reached the wind's mother and said please can I have my cotton back. The wind's mother said take 3dips in that pool she took 3dips in the pool,then the wind,s mother take any of those caskets and go home. So she picked up the smallest one  and went home on her way home the people who she helped gave her  presents and with that she went home.

ISBN-10: 8184825617
ISBN-13: 978-8184825619

Monday, July 22, 2013

Appu and the circus.

Appu and the Circus

In this story  there is an elephant named Appu got captured by circus people. If you want to know the story read my review. One day Appu asked  if he could go and see the circus, he asked are his friends coming. His mother said Lambu giraffe and Kaka crow are not coming. Mini mouse and pretty butterfly are coming so he went.When they had crossed halfway ,they started eating the bananas.
When they reached what did they see? A wonderful sight. Appu was amazed by the elephants.He walked towards them and got captured. So his friends thought and thought.Suddenly they got an idea. Pretty fluttered on a flower. No one was around except the manager's son,when he saw her he  woke up someone and asked him to catch her. In the meantime mini had come and started eating the string
.The guard saw that and started chasing them. Mini fell down and the guard was almost on top of her. Appu saw that and picked up a stick and started hitting the guard.Soon he dropped it and went into the forest with his friends and lived happily ever after.

ISBN-10: 8126419156
ISBN-13: 978-8126419159

Monday, July 8, 2013

Kate and the Beanstalk

Kate and the Beanstalk (Anne Schwartz Books)

In this story their is girl named Kate she gets back her father's goods. If you want to know the adventure read the the book. Once there was a women and her daughter who had run out of money. So their only hope was to sell their cow. Kate went out sell it and in return she got magic beans. But her mother threw them out of the window so Kate and her mother slept hungry. When it was daybreak she woke up and saw a beanstalk  ! She climbed up and saw a castle and sheep grazing and a forest. Out of  the forest came an old woman. Does anybody live here ?, asked Kate.
The woman replied a giant lives here  who had  stolen three goods from a honest knight. The old woman said if you want to go and get the three goods go to the castle for three days. Kate went to the castle knocked on the door, the giantess opend the door and boomed help me cook so Kate helped her cook. As soon as the giant came giant came the giantess hid Kate .As he was eating, the smelled the smell of a english women and  that day Kate stole the first good. The next two days Kate disguised herself in a different manner and went.The third day the giant was killed. The fairy queen came and said I needed to know if the knights daughter was worthy enough  to have the three goods, so the fairy took them to the castle and they lived happly ever after.

ISBN-10: 1416908188
ISBN-13: 978-1416908180

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Princess Poppy - The Party

Princess Poppy: The Party (Princess Poppy Picture Books) 

Today was Honey's birthday. Euppet show everybody was coming to Cornsilk castle including Pop granny.  Bumble said time for the puppet show after the  games. They ate and ate and went home soon it was time for Poppy to go home . When she reached home, she  told her mother everything  except she had stolen one of Honey's gifts . When Poppy 's mother found out, she asked Poppy to return it. Honey was not cross at all.

ISBN-10: 0552559261
ISBN-13: 978-0552559263

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Masterchef India

I love Indian cooking show.It's name is Masterchef India.That is what I am going to tell you about.There they had to be divided into two teams,one was blue team and the other was red team.There were even bells on both the stalls,one on each stall..They had to make people ring the bell a hundred times.So the blue and red teams went to their Chowpatty shops.The captains were Aditi and Devyani..Aditi was blue teams captain and Devyani was red teams captain.Then the judges came.They said whose food they will like will get plus five points and the other team will get minus five points.The blue team got plus five points and the red team got minus five points.Finally the blue team won.

Pooh welcomes winter

Pooh Welcomes Winter (My Very First Winnie the Pooh)

Once Pooh told his friend Piglet that they should throw a party because a person named winter was going to come.When they were walking in the snow,owl swooped above them and  said winter has already come.Where is he ,they both asked.I don't know replied Owl.Piglet said should we invite everybody and start to plan the party.Yes said Pooh and off they went to plan .When all of them came in the sleigh,they took off in the snow when they saw winter.Piglet thought that winter was frozen so they took winter to Pooh's house.Over there they gave him something to eat.Then Christopher Robin came and told them it was just a snowman.So they went back and put the snowman back in the snow and had fun.

ISBN-10: 0786843551
ISBN-13: 978-0786843558

Pooh says Ahh

Pooh Gets a Checkup (Pictureback) 

Once Pooh told his friend Piglet he had to get an animal checkout.Piglet said can we go together.Pooh said ok.So both of them went to Owl's house where the animal checkout would be done.When they came at the top their friend Tigger and Christopher Robin were waiting on the desk.Suddenly it was Pooh's turn,inside owl took out the hammer and tapped one of the Pooh's knee and it gave a little kick.Owl then tapped Pooh's other knee.It gave a little kick too.Then Owl said time for your injection.After it was done Tigger gave Pooh his balloon.Then they went for lunch.

ISBN-10: 0736411070
ISBN-13: 978-0736411073


Emma's strange pet

Emma's Strange Pet (I Can Read Books: Level 3 (Pb)) 

One day Max was playing with his friend's dog when he thought he wanted a pet too.When he reached home he said he wanted a dog.So his parents decided to go to the pet's shop.Over there Emma said even she wanted a pet.Both of them looked at the animals .Emma said shew will buy a lizard so they bought it and got it home.Days passed and lizard changed its color to brown.One day Max said he wanted a lizard.Emma told her dad that Max wanted a lizard so that day dad got a lizard for Max too.Then they lived happily ever after.

ISBN-10: 0756932394
ISBN-13: 978-0756932398


The tiger and the wood pecker

Once a tiger was eating his food when the bone got stuck in his teeth.He began to roar.A woodpecker saw what was happening.Woodpecker said If I take  out the bone, will you share your food,tiger agreed.The next day woodpecker asked for the food but the tiger said no.When the tiger was sleeping woodpecker pecked his eye and went away.

My Favourite book

My favourite book is Curious George because its written very nicely. I have a lot of them at home. My Massi gave it to me when she cam to meet us. My favourite book is Curious  George goes to the beach and Curious George makes Pancakes.Those two are my favourite books from all the Curious George I have read.

Curious George Makes Pancakes

Curious George Makes Pancakes 

My name is Anika. I read a book named Curious George makes Pancakes. In that a little monkey named Curious George who lived with his friend The man in the  yellow hat. Once he was going with his friend for the pancake breakfast. There were many stalls over there.In some stalls there were games ,in other stalls people were making pancakes. When he saw the people making pancakes,he thought it was interesting to make pancakes. When he found a stall in which pancakes were being made so he looked at the stuff. Then he took some batter poured it on the griddle. After that he took some blueberries and put them on the pancakes. He kept on doing that but then his hands became sticky. He went out and found some water in the tank.  When he found a bench on which people can sit, he washed off the stickiness of his body. All the characters were my favourites.

If you give a Pig a party

If You Give a Pig a Party 

Today was the Pig's birthday so she wanted to decorate the house. After decoration,the pig wanted to wear her dress. After the pig wore her frock she wanted to call her friends but her friends would not be at home. The pig asked her friend to take her to the mall. At the mall her friends would be there. Now she wanted to play the games. Then the pig saw an ice cream shop. Now the pig wanted to eat an ice cream. After the pig finished eating her ice cream she wanted to change her clothes. On her way ,she played hide and seek.Then she had a bath. After she changed her clothes ,they had a pillow fight Then she made a fortress out  of blankets. Now she wants to decorate she asked for some balloons. If you have some balloons,she is going to ask you for a party.

Curious George in the Snow

Curious George in the Snow

George was a little monkey. He always was curious. One day he was going with his friend to the lodge. He and his friends were sitting on the seats. After they got down the went to the lodge. There they got the table and chairs. His friend said," Wait,I will get hot chocolate for them. Then he went.George sat and looked over the bars. Then something caught his eye it was a sledge. George thought it was a rocket. He saw someone was riding the sledge. So he got into someone's sledge.That person saw and asked him to stop riding his sledge. But no one could stop him. Sledge crashed sideways but George did not get hurt. Now George was down . He did not know how should he go back to the lodge. He thought and thought then he looked up the pole there were some bars. Now he could see how he could go back to the lodge. He climbed up the bars. When he was up and waited for the  seat to come close and he jumped on a seat. It looked very nice from th seat. When hee reached the lodge he saw his friends down. He could go down only with another ssledge. Then he saw another sledge. He  took it to the ice pushed it and it started. When he was going he went this way and that . Then he reached a Skiing race.Some people said there is a monkey in the race. Stop someone said. But George couldnt hear but George could see someone was in front of him. He and the skier crashed, the skiers skis broke George landed on a piece of ski he was going fast the crowd was surprised. When he reached down the crowd cheered now that George had found his friend, he friend went to say sorry to the skier okay. I have another race so in the race the skier won. Then George was carried on the skiers shoulder. The End.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The burglar's Breakfast

The Burglar's Breakfast (Usborne Young Reading: Series One) 

Once a burglar named Alfie stole a talking bird from someone's house.When he reached home he wanted to eat some tasty breakfast and he also made sure he never ran out of the things he liked best.Then he thought of eating cornflakes but instead he came face to face with the goat.When he was walking home,Alfie thought of eating some fish but all the fish was gone from the plate.So he had to go to the restraunt over there.Alfie saw a newspaper it said NEED A JOB-the job where  you can spot can follow trails.At last he got the job.

Moral-Its never late to be good person

ISBN-10: 0794502210
ISBN-13: 978-0794502218

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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Otters and the Jackal

Once a Jackals wife wanted some fresh Rohita fish .So he went to get one for her but couldnot find any on the river.Then he saw two Otters bringing a fresh Rohita fish which they had just caught.After that the one Otter asked the Other Otter who is going to divide it.They both thought and they began fighting but who would divide it.Then the Jackal thought if he could come and divide it.When he came front they asked him to divide it.Jackal cut off the head and tail and gave it to them.Then the Jackal ran away.

Moral:-Don't invite outsiders.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The four friends

Once upon a time four friends were walking in the woods.They came across a lion's skeleton.Three said lets try our powers against itbut the fourth one didn't think so.While they tested their powers,the last one hid somewhere.The first one joined the bones,the second gave it muscles,the third gave the skin and life.The lion came to life and killed them except the fourth one.

Moral:-Don't test your powers without knowing the thing.

The Cunning Cat

Once a bird lived in a hole and he liked it very much as there were many things to eat.One day when it was winter,he could not find anything to eat,so he began to find and find.Then he saw some grains.He decided he would stay there for a week.In that week a hare began to live in the birds home.The week went by.The bird became very  angry with the hare and they had a quarrel.Others animal told they should have a judge.Then they began to look for a judge..They saw a Cat and appointed her as judge.When they came closer,it pounced on them.

Moral:-Decide between yourself

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Tom and Jerry Now Museum,now you don't

Now museum, now you don't 

There was a shiny brass sign that hung above Tom's bed.Every morning he polished it.There was a free mouse museum and Tom was proud of his work.Jerry had just came back from his journey of around the world.He even had two suitcases.He was back home in the museum.Jerry wondered which month exhibit it was.Suddenly Tom appeared and chased Jerry into the museum.He then could not see Jerry anywhere.Then he saw a leaver which said pull Tom..Tom pulled it.Suddenly canon balls started falling on his head.After that long day Jerry was tired so he took a match box,made a bed and slept off.

ISBN-10: 0307444228
ISBN-13: 978-0307444226


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Monday, April 22, 2013

The fox and the Crane

The Fox And The Crane - kids story book for age 4 to 8 (Folk Tales) 

Once a fox and the crane were friends.The fox asked the crane that can you come and drink soup at my house.The crane agreed.The next day she came to the fox's house.There were bowls instead of Jugs.The crane could not drink the soup so fox drank both the bowls.After that the crane also invited the fox for soup.The fox came .Instead of bowls ,jugs were there.Fox could not drink so crane drank both the jugs.


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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Little miss Stubborn

Little Miss Stubborn (Mr. Men and Little Miss) 

Little Miss Stubborn was very stubborn. One day she ran out of eggs so she thought of going to Mr.Strong's house. But if she wanted to go she would have to walk. When she got to know she went to Cold land. She met Mr. Sneeze on her way from there. She went to Mr. Strong's house. She got eggs.She was so hungry that she made a omelete.She ate it all.

ISBN-10: 0843176725
ISBN-13: 978-0843176728

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