Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sukhu and Dukhu

Once there was a weaver he had two wives. Both the wives had one daughter one was Sukhu and the other was Dukhu. Then one day the weaver died as soon after he died Sukhu and her mother drove away Dukhu and her mother. Dukhu and her mother found a deserted hut and deiced to live in it, bye spinning yarn.
One day when Dukhu was about to spin when a gust of wind blew away her cotton she ran after the wind, but the wind blew away her cotton she said please give me back my cotton. The wind said go to my mother the old women she will give you back your cotton. Dukhu started her journey to the wind's mother. She was helpful to everyone on her way at last she reached the wind's mother and said please can I have my cotton back. The wind's mother said take 3dips in that pool she took 3dips in the pool,then the wind,s mother take any of those caskets and go home. So she picked up the smallest one  and went home on her way home the people who she helped gave her  presents and with that she went home.

ISBN-10: 8184825617
ISBN-13: 978-8184825619