Friday, March 30, 2018

Narada Purana, translated by Bibek Debroy

Narada Purana, translated by Bibek Debroy

Before you start reading please recite this prayer:

Narayanam namaskritya

Naranchaiva narottamam devim
Sarasvatinchaiva tato Jayamudiyaret

You should recite this prayer and pray to Nara and Narayan. Only after you do this should you start reading any sacred text.

Let us start the review now.

This is my seventeenth Purana review. It is also my last sattvika purana. The Narada Purana comes sixth in the list of Mahapuranas. It has twenty-five thousand shlokas which are divided into the purva bhaga and the uttara bhaga. There are a total of thirty-eight chapters in this Purana. This Purana is also called a vrihat purana. Vrihat means vast. Like most Puranas this one also starts in the Naimisharanya forest. However, this time the narrator is not Lomaharshana but his son Suta.

I will also give a little information on the title of this Purana. The name of this Purana is Narada Purana as it was first recited by the sage Narada to Sanatkumar.

I will now narrate my favourite stories.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Kurma Purana, translated by Bibek Debroy

The Kurma Purana, translated by Bibek Debroy

The Kurma Purana is my fourteenth purana review. It comes fifteenth in the list of Mahapuranas. In my last review, I had mentioned that I would review one category at a time. Well, I wanted to complete the tamasik puranas (puranas that glorify Shiva) first so here is a tamasik purana review.
This Purana is medium sized and has seventeen thousand shlokas in all. It was divided into four sections, the Brahmi samhita, Bhagvati samhita, Souri samhita and the Vaishnavi samhita. Unfortunately, now only the Brahmi samhita is left. It is this section that is known as the Kurma Purana. The Brahmi samhita has 2 divisions. The Purva bhaga and the Upari bhaga. The purva bhaga has fifty-two chapters and the other one forty-four. I will give a little history about the name of the Purana.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Exam Warriors, by Narendra Modi - Review

Exam Warriors, by Narendra Modi

This is a short and easy to read book. It is written by Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister. As you can guess from the title it talks about exams. Can you guess who the warriors are? Us kids! We all take exams and in a certain way we are the warriors. It is mostly written for the kids taking board exams but it can be applicable to everyone else too.  Most of us get nervous when the exams come but after reading this book you will feel a lot calmer. The book is filled with tips and advice on Do’s and Don’ts before the exam. It teaches you to look at exams in a positive way and not get scared of them. It even shows how little things like packing your bag is important. It gives a lot of emphasis on organization. Making timetables and prioritizing your work helps a lot and saves time. One of the things mentioned is sleep. Most of us like sleeping late but writing an exam with a tired mind compared to writing an exam with a fresh one has a huge difference.  My favourite part of the book was the topic of the presentation. I love writing and presenting my work neatly. As I found out in the book that a neat answer sheet can make all the difference in the world. I felt the most important thing in the book was Yoga. Yoga helps in making our mind clear and focused. It is good to do Yoga before going to write an exam. There are few Yoga asanas given at the back of the book. I tried a few of them and they were fun and easy to do. The book is lots of fun. It has many activities related to each topic. There are activities for example: creating your own mind-map and timetable, writing do’s and don’ts, solving crosswords and mazes. There is a ‘My Mantra’ page at the end of each topic. You can write your mantra or motto for the exam on this page. On each activity page, there is a QR code which you can scan and then share your work with other people.  I enjoyed reading this book. I completed it in one day. This is an amazing book and people must read it especially students.
in OpIndia on Feb 17, 2018.

Book details:
Paperback: 208 pages 
Publisher: India Penguin 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0143441507 
ISBN-13: 978-0143441502

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