Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Hardest Challenge - A poem

Freaked out over the final exams
Reading and revising and trying to cram
Panic and pressure were in the air
When something happened that was definitely rare.

A deadly virus was sweeping the world
Everywhere fear was starting to unfurl
Each day brought news of death
The virus was snuffing out countless a breath.

Schools shut down, exams cancelled
People forced inside, jobs abandoned
Restless children, worried many an adult
All of them forced to adjust.

Harry Potter series - review

Harry Potter, by JK Rowling

‘Harry Potter’, quite literally two of the most famous words in the world of books. 

At my age, most kids have read the books, or at least seen the movies. It's quite unusual to come across someone who doesn’t know about this series. Therefore, considering how famous it is, it might seem strange that I have never mentioned it until now. Well, there is a reason for it. Reviewing a book series like Harry Potter is a huge task. There are so many plots and layers to it that trying to explain it without giving away anything crucial is almost impossible. But, considering the fact that this series is legendary, I am going to try to review it, as it would almost be a crime not to do so. 

(Minor spoilers ahead)
All his life, Harry Potter had known nothing other than being bullied and getting pushed around, courtesy of his aunt, uncle and cousin. With both his parents dead, they were his only family. Then comes his 11th birthday, the day that changed his life forever. He discovers that he is actually a wizard and that all the unexplainable things that seemed to happen around him was magic. The delighted boy gets shipped off to Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry. What happens next can only be described as mayhem. The series follows Harry and his two best friends Ron and Hermione as they navigate life at Hogwarts and face the impossible challenges thrown at them.