Friday, June 1, 2018

Ayesha and the Fire Fish by Ajay Chowdhury

Ayesha and the Fire Fish
by Ajay Chowdhury
category: children, fiction
Age: 8-12years
Reviewed by: Anika
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Ayesha is on vacation with her parents. One night she was getting bored and was unable to sleep, so she decided to go for a walk along the beach where she was pulled into a hair-rising adventure. A talking dolphin takes her to the Queen of the Seas, Shekina. A huge problem is threatening the ocean world. Firefish, the life-giving source of the ocean are disappearing. If they disappear all the ocean life will die out and there will be chaos. Unable to say no to Shekina, Ayesha has to find out whoever is doing it and make it stop. Along with a surfboarding snail, Caroline, and her geeky cousin, Xander, she travels to many places and finds new things on the way. From shapeshifting killer dogs, to space-travelling giant beads, she discovers the truth behind the disappearing firefish.

I loved Caroline (the snail) aka Caro. I loved Caro’s dry and sarcastic comments and replies. She added a lot of humour and fun to the story. What surprised me was that Caro was so strong that she could defeat the giant killer dogs by herself. The book had a gripping plot and that’s what made me read it till the end. Though sometimes the story would lag a bit. For example, the starting was boring and not very clear when it explained what the firefish were. Another part is at the end when Ayesha meets the aliens, it is tough to understand what they are and why they need the Firefish.

Other than these few portions the rest of the book was fascinating.
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