Saturday, June 22, 2013

Curious George in the Snow

Curious George in the Snow

George was a little monkey. He always was curious. One day he was going with his friend to the lodge. He and his friends were sitting on the seats. After they got down the went to the lodge. There they got the table and chairs. His friend said," Wait,I will get hot chocolate for them. Then he went.George sat and looked over the bars. Then something caught his eye it was a sledge. George thought it was a rocket. He saw someone was riding the sledge. So he got into someone's sledge.That person saw and asked him to stop riding his sledge. But no one could stop him. Sledge crashed sideways but George did not get hurt. Now George was down . He did not know how should he go back to the lodge. He thought and thought then he looked up the pole there were some bars. Now he could see how he could go back to the lodge. He climbed up the bars. When he was up and waited for the  seat to come close and he jumped on a seat. It looked very nice from th seat. When hee reached the lodge he saw his friends down. He could go down only with another ssledge. Then he saw another sledge. He  took it to the ice pushed it and it started. When he was going he went this way and that . Then he reached a Skiing race.Some people said there is a monkey in the race. Stop someone said. But George couldnt hear but George could see someone was in front of him. He and the skier crashed, the skiers skis broke George landed on a piece of ski he was going fast the crowd was surprised. When he reached down the crowd cheered now that George had found his friend, he friend went to say sorry to the skier okay. I have another race so in the race the skier won. Then George was carried on the skiers shoulder. The End.


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