Saturday, June 22, 2013

If you give a Pig a party

If You Give a Pig a Party 

Today was the Pig's birthday so she wanted to decorate the house. After decoration,the pig wanted to wear her dress. After the pig wore her frock she wanted to call her friends but her friends would not be at home. The pig asked her friend to take her to the mall. At the mall her friends would be there. Now she wanted to play the games. Then the pig saw an ice cream shop. Now the pig wanted to eat an ice cream. After the pig finished eating her ice cream she wanted to change her clothes. On her way ,she played hide and seek.Then she had a bath. After she changed her clothes ,they had a pillow fight Then she made a fortress out  of blankets. Now she wants to decorate she asked for some balloons. If you have some balloons,she is going to ask you for a party.

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