Monday, July 8, 2013

Kate and the Beanstalk

Kate and the Beanstalk (Anne Schwartz Books)

In this story their is girl named Kate she gets back her father's goods. If you want to know the adventure read the the book. Once there was a women and her daughter who had run out of money. So their only hope was to sell their cow. Kate went out sell it and in return she got magic beans. But her mother threw them out of the window so Kate and her mother slept hungry. When it was daybreak she woke up and saw a beanstalk  ! She climbed up and saw a castle and sheep grazing and a forest. Out of  the forest came an old woman. Does anybody live here ?, asked Kate.
The woman replied a giant lives here  who had  stolen three goods from a honest knight. The old woman said if you want to go and get the three goods go to the castle for three days. Kate went to the castle knocked on the door, the giantess opend the door and boomed help me cook so Kate helped her cook. As soon as the giant came giant came the giantess hid Kate .As he was eating, the smelled the smell of a english women and  that day Kate stole the first good. The next two days Kate disguised herself in a different manner and went.The third day the giant was killed. The fairy queen came and said I needed to know if the knights daughter was worthy enough  to have the three goods, so the fairy took them to the castle and they lived happly ever after.

ISBN-10: 1416908188
ISBN-13: 978-1416908180

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