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Saskia the salsa fairy

Saskia the Salsa Fairy

Hello everyone let us go into the fairyland dance fairies adventures! Today was the Wetherburry village   hall parade and Kirsty was going with her friend Rachel.As they reached they saw that there was a crowd of children waiting to try and hit the pinata which was full of sweets just then Kirsty spotted her friend from school, and asked her if she could have a go she was allowed to. Kirsty hit the pinata perfectly and sweets came tumbling down. But then Rachel noticed a trail of sparkles she followed it and saw a pretty fairy it was Saskia the salsa fairy she waved at Rachel who grinned back. Rachel quickly called Kirsty and led her to Saskia she fluttered down on Kirsty's shoulder.  Soon the parade  started! The girls and Saskia started to look at the dance the dancers kept on coming some of them tripped over and forgot. Saskia said if only there was my salsa ribbon this would not happen they then got to know that the salsa ribbon was close by because the dancers and people became better at dancing   then they noticed a moving float on that they were dancers who were dancing so fast and nicely this was sure that the salsa ribbon was on the float.  Rachel asked Saskia to turn them into fairies. They flew up and tried to spot the salsa ribbon but they couldn't find it.  Just then Rachel spotted two shorter dancers dancing very well. They were dressed like birds then Saskia pointed to one of it's tail. In there was a dark orange coloured  feather it was the salsa ribbon so the dancers were goblins! Then the girls flew towards the goblins they tried to snatch it out of the tail but the other goblin noticed them and they got of the float and ran towards a park. They headed towards a wooded area. Over there they decided to climb up a tree thinking that birds live in trees they went up a tree.
Then the three fairies came and do you what the goblins voices where heard they were scolding each other. Tweeting to each one another one said Cheep! Cheep! The other said that the parrots don't tweet they say funny things and squawk. Then Rachel said that she had an idea! She said if Saskia could camouflage Kirsty and herself so that they where the same colour as the leafs? Saskia  said she could so then they flew up caught the salsa ribbon and flew back without the goblins noticing! Then Saskia reattached the ribbon to her wand then the girls said good bye to Saskia and enjoyed the rest of the parade.

Series: Rainbow Magic (Book 55)
Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Orchard Books (2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1846164966
ISBN-13: 978-1846164965

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