Monday, June 1, 2020

The Six Spellmakers Of Dorabji Street

The Six Spellmakers Of Dorabji Street, by Shabnam Minwalla

Okay, I know that I say a lot of books are my favourites and they are the best books I’ve read but the list keeps on changing with time. This book however is one of the few that always remains in my top 10 ten favourite books. 

The story goes something like this…. Nivi, and her family move into Cosy Castle, one of the many buildings on the quiet Dorabji Street. They quickly make friends with the children in the building and they have many fun filled days. Little do the children know about the terrible storm brewing silently in the form of their neighbours. Old Mrs.Kotadia and vindictive Mrs.Braganza hate the daily cricket matches of the boys and the giggling girls in the garden. They are determined to stop the fun and games in any way that they can. 

The children are horrified when they find out that their precious bimbli trees are going to be cut down. They know that they have to act fast before their beloved trees are gone forever. Well, the only way to do this was magic….. Find out how Saritha, Nivi, Vijay, Rehaan, Nikhil and Vijay fight and try to defeat their evil neighbours. Well, you might think what’s so great about this that it’s one of my favourite books. 

The story sounds interesting enough but nothing spectacular so why do I love it so much. The answer is that the author has written it so well that you are entertained throughout the book. Some people my age might find the story uninteresting or boring but to me it’s amazing. I’ve been reading this book since 4th grade and I still love it. The jokes and humour in the book remain fresh and never fail to make me laugh. I also like how the main plot of the story is something that could happen to any kid. I am amazed at how well the author created an amazing story out of a simple idea. 

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