Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Adventures of Stoob: A Difficult Stage by Samit Basu

The Adventures of Stoob: A Difficult Stage
by Samit Basu
category: children, fiction, school, humour
Age: 8-12years
Reviewed by: Anika
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This is the second book in the Stoob series by Samit Basu. We have mentioned the first book in our November newsletter. The series is about a boy named Stoob and the hurdles he faces in school. In this book, Stoob is now in middle school. The year he had been waiting for his whole life. He is very relaxed and is finding a whole new world of freedom. With his new phone and no exams what more could he ask for. When the new play comes up it’s time for Stoob to show his acting talent and get the main role before it's too late. Alas, for all his high hopes and his effort, he got the role of a table, a mere table! Adding to his horror was the name of the play, 'Teen Rama Adventurez'. Everyone knew it to be the most boring television show on the planet. Luck changes when his guitar teacher takes over the play and gives Stoob one of the main roles. Will Stoob be able to do it or will he crack under the pressure? Will the play succeed or fail? And what is the nasty surprise waiting for them at the end? Pages of humour and an interesting plot makes this one my favourites.

Now, coming to my favourite parts, the best part in the book is when Stoob carries out his secret mission. It was so funny. I enjoyed watching the Suit (read the book to learn about him) stumble and lose his way and miss the opening night. I just loved it. Every book in the series has a new, comical and fantastic plot. I have re-read the series thrice. I would recommend this series for the age group of 9-12 years.

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