Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Curious Case of the Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop, by Nandini Nayar

 The Curious Case of the Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop, by Nandini Nayar

The Mithaiwallas are one of the best sweet-making families. The secret to their success is a book that contains the recipes of every delicious and new sweet created by them. Vishnu Mithaiwalla is the current generation in the Mithaiwalla family. One day a boy named Laddoo shows up and claims that he is his nephew, the son of Vishnu’s estranged sister, Revati. The next day however, a girl named Anu shows up claiming that she is his niece and the daughter of Revati. Both say that they have come to live with him. Now, Vishnu is in a fix and has no way of knowing who is the real relative. On top of this, someone sets out to steal the ancient recipe book! Will Vishnu catch the culprit before it is too late? Will he find the real Mithaiwalla descendant? That was the summary.

This book was recommended by our librarian, Pratap Uncle. The minute I read the blurb I fell in love with the book. The plot was simple yet very entertaining. This book is one of those books that you won’t mind reading over and over just because of its simplicity. I liked the way all the recipes are described and the way the food is made. The book makes your mouth water when you think of the food. This is a book that any kid would like reading.

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