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Wings of Fire books 1-5 by Tui T. Sutherland

Wings of Fire: Books 1-5, by Tui T. Sutherland


Wings of Fire #01: The Dragonet ProphecyWings of Fire #02: The Lost HeirWings of Fire #03: The Hidden KingdomWings of Fire #04: The Dark SecretWings of Fire #05: The Brightest Night

A fight for succession to the throne. A war that has dragged almost all the tribes into it. A war that has destroyed the peace and calm of the land. Blood and killing everywhere and only five dragonets who can stop it.

Set in the dragon land of Pyrrhia, the first five books revolve around a mysterious prophecy and the fight for the throne of the SandWings. The three SandWing sisters, Blister, Burn and Blaze have dragged all the tribes into their war and are still fighting even after twenty years.

Growing up in secret, far way from the war are five dragonets. These are no ordinary dragonets. The deliverance of a mysterious prophecy make them the only ones with the power to stop the war.

The first five books follow the dragonets as they start their quest to end the war.

As they embark on their journey, thousands of dragons hopefully await the outcome of the war they never wanted. Clay, Sunny, Tsunami, Glory and Starflight face danger from every side with everyone trying to bend and twist the prophecy for their own gain. And of course, they also have the occupational hazard of each sister trying their best to kill them.

I know that from what I’ve told so far, it does not sound that great. The plot sounds simple and not that new. People also might be skeptical about the fact that its about dragons and probably think that it's childish, but this series is anything but that.

Each book is full of plot twists and turns. The best thing about the twists was that they were all new and different. None of them was the same which made for quite a good read. None of the books lags even a bit except perhaps the fourth one. The fourth book was slightly slow and kind of boring, but the other four books made up for that.

The prologues and epilogues are fabulously written. The prologues leave you intrigued and wondering. The epilogues are just wow. I can’t describe how good they are. The epilogues were the ones that set the stage for the most astounding plot twists. They gave away just enough to keep you hooked.

Each of the books was told from one of the five dragonets’ point of view. This way you could find out how each of them felt about the prophecy and their emotions and experiences.

My favourite character was Glory. Glory is usually just considered snappish and grouchy but its not until you read from her point of view in the third book that you understand her. I guess that applies to each of the dragonets.

You form impressions on each one of them but its not until you read the book from their point of view that you understand them.

This was probably one of my favourite book series as firstly, the plot twists and cliff-hangers were out of this world, secondly, the character development was very good. You could see the changes in each of them from the first book to the last book. This is something that isn’t always well portrayed in books. And lastly, all the loose ends are tied up very neatly. There isn’t anything hanging awkwardly at the end or some question that wasn’t answered.

So all in all Wings of Fire, is one of the best book series I’ve read. And this was just the first five books.

Wings of Fire #01: The Dragonet Prophecy
Wings of Fire #02: The Lost Heir
Wings of Fire #03: The Hidden Kingdom
Wings of Fire #04: The Dark Secret
Wings of Fire #05: The Brightest Night

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